Sonia Persad

I seek to use my big voice to help companies assert their personalities.

I was born and bred in Trinidad, West Indies. That means: 

  1. I'm friendly!
  2. I love food! A fed me is a happy me. Mmmmm food...
  3. I pronounce my Ts.

I've lived in Trinidad, Switzerland, Florida, and New York (twice), all in the pursuit of learning. I have a background in Fashion, and most recently I finished a Design BFA at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

I like talking to people and finding out what makes them Them. I aspire to leave a trail of brightness behind me, though an initial shyness tempers my talk-it-ivity! I LOVE reading and books generally, and have a fascination with magazines - fresh doses of graphic design and culture. I love traveling (once there's running water and bathrooms involved) and the green outdoors fulfill my peaceful insides...and, food! Oh, how I love food. Making it, eating it, looking at stuff that contains it, designing around's all yummy.

Graphically-speaking, I love everything I've tried, but Branding, Editorial and Book Publishing all Interest Me Greatly. I got to do a project that combined all three PLUS food here and that was amazing! Making things by hand will hopefully consume me for the rest of my days.

Check out my work! If you like, please touch base here - I'd love to hear from you. If you'd like to see a resume, that's here.


Society of Publication Design (SPD)